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Drinkin' is better
with buds!

"Taste the new buzz"

all the fun without the headache

Enjoy the unique experience of Drinkin’ Buds Beverages, savoring each moment one can at a time.

    Savor the Spark 

    Drinkin’ Buds Beverages delivers a refreshing twist while ensuring you enjoy all the flavor with none of the downsides.


    Savor each moment. We believe in transparency for every beverage.

    Quick Onset

    Typically starts to work in just 10-15 minutes. Set the pace of your enjoyment with Drinkin’ Buds Beverages one can at a time.

    Full on flavor

    Drinkin’ Buds Beverages are rich in flavor. A worthy alternative to traditional beverages, offering a distinct taste with every sip.

Ask the
Drinkin’ Buds

Curious about our unique beverages? Let Drinkin’ Buds guide you through what makes our drinks special. Discover a new way to enjoy with every can.

  • What makes Drinkin' Buds Beverages unique?

    For those new to Drinkin’ Buds, our beverages are crafted with a special blend of natural ingredients that provide a distinct profile. This unique combination sets our beverages apart and contributes to the signature Drinkin’ Buds experience. As always, we recommend reading the label and enjoying our products responsibly.

  • What's a Drinkin' Buds Beverage?

    It’s a refreshing drink, capturing the effervescence and sociability of your favorite traditional beverages, without the common downsides of the next day. Consider it your modern alternative at social events or a relaxed evening in. It’s a fresh twist on the beverage scene. Cheers to innovation!

  • How many Drinkin' Buds Beverages should I have?

    Drinkin’ Buds Beverages are crafted to be enjoyed with mindfulness. Their composition allows you to find your preferred level of enjoyment. With noticeable effects typically starting within 10-15 minutes, it’s a good idea to start with one and see how you feel. If you’re new to Drinkin’ Buds, consider sticking to 1-2 beverages. For those more accustomed to our drinks, you might feel comfortable taking more along for your outing. As always, it’s essential to drink responsibly and know your limits.

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"Fantastic product that tastes great and kicks in quickly, but doesn't overwhelm low tolerance users."
Chris D.
"I'm usually quite choosy about my drinks, and I was skeptical about the prospect of a canned option delivering the zest I look for. However, when I had the chance to taste this, I was astoundingly impressed. The flavor was top-notch, perfectly balanced, and thoroughly enjoyable. Now, I'm really excited to try the punch flavor — this is a standout choice for those seeking exceptional drink experiences!"
Steph S
"Fantastic product that tastes great and kicks in quickly, but doesn't overwhelm low tolerance users."
Chris D